Black Star, Bright Star


                    Summary of the story


            Black Star, Bright Dawn is about a teenage eskimo girl named Bright Dawn. Her father was a hunter, who one day while hunting got stranded on a sheet of ice that broke of. He wasn't rescued for an hour later when all the hunters came home. He was so bad he would just sit and stare out the window for hours. It got so bad they had to move away from the ocean. There, Dawn learned how to drive a team of sled dogs. Her father was training to be in the Ididoran, but something happened, so he put Dawn in to replace him. Dawn trained for days untill the race. The day of the race she was so nervous she, and the doghs were egar to race. She raced hard for days, having many adventures along the way. When she finally got to the end of the race she, sadly, didn't win.That didn't matter to her she was glad she raced and that she tried, and so was her mom and dad.    



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